Vascular disorders cause arterial stroke, heart disease, renal failure, aneurysms and other diseases which can be fatal. These vascular disorders including arteriosclerosis develop and progress due to risk factors such as hypertension, smoking, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Therefore, early detection of arteriosclerosis as well as an improvement in lifestyle is the most essential element in preventing the development and progression of disease, which will in turn reduce the need for nursing care for the elderly. Further discussion and research including long-term prospective studies are required in order to establish medical systems to improve healthcare for patients.

The Japanese Society for Vascular Health is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging scientific research into vascular function and disorders. This provides an opportunity to discuss and exchange information and opinions on the subject, which will lead to the promotion of public health and individual health management, and the enhancement of medical care systems.

Dr. Hajime Orimo (Chairman, Osteoporosis Foundation)

Dr. Shirai Kohji (Professor Emeritus, Toho University, Director of Medical Corporation Association Seinkai Mihama Katori Clinic)

Dr. Masanobu Takada (Toyama Nishi General Hospital)

Dr. Shigeo Horinaka (Department of Cardiology, Kidney Internal
Medicine, Dokkyo Medical University)

Dr. Osamu Yamaguchi (Department of Cardiology, Pulmonology,
Hypertension & Nephrology,Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine)

Dr. Jitsuo Higaki (Professor Emeritus, Ehime University, Director of Medical Corporation Niyukai Minamimatsuyama Hospital and CKD Center)

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